Transportation Personnel
Skyline Nursing Center
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Healthcare, Dental, Vision and PTO

Excellent Hours/Competitive Pay.

Your Job

The Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) will be responsible for coordinating transportation and transportation of residents to and from physician appointments in a timely manner and under the supervision of licensed nursing personnel. The CNA will also be expected to work the floor when they are not transporting personnel.

Your Responsibilities

• Organizes transportation of residents to complete required appointments based on priority of resident needs.

• Transports resident to and from inpatient and outpatient programs and to and from appropriate facilities and residences.

• Develops driving schedule based on resident’s scheduled medical appoints and program destination depending on resident appointment needs; Provides transportation of current or new residents from hospital after discharge.

• Provides report, information, and assessment of resident’s behavior or change of condition during transportation upon return to center; Reports changes of abnormal findings in resident status such as consciousness, pain, bleeding and vital signs that occur during the lift or transporting; Observe residents carefully and reports changes in condition to clinical supervisor.

• Transports medical records for signatures to medical offices.

• Maintains a high level of safety following safety policies and procedures while in Center and transporting residents.

• Maintains van in a neat and clean condition at all times; Maintains van in good working condition; Ensures that routine maintenance on vehicle is performed, logs mileage, and that vehicle is clean.

• Assist clinical staff with safe lifting, transferring, and/or transporting resident as specified by the physician orders and/or clinical supervisor; Assist in the care of residents requiring moderate to total assistance in moving.

• Establishes positive communications with outside facilities, hospitals, physicians' offices, and /or specialty clinics to ensure proper services for residents are maintained and scheduled appropriately.

• Promptly reports any scheduling changes to the DON; nursing staff and ancillary service providers, responsible parties and takes follow up action as necessary.

• Provide adequate hydration to residents at regular intervals each day according to specific resident needs.

• Protect the personal property of the residents of the facility.

• Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or assigned at any time with or without notice


• Certified in the state of practice, required.

• Successful completion of State Approved Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program; Name must appear on State Registry as Nurse Aide in good standing.

• Current BLS/CPR certification (All SNFs; ALFs as required by state).

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3326 Burgoyne St, Dallas, TX 75233, USA
industry: Healthcare



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