Marketing Liaison
Skyline Nursing Center
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Healthcare, Dental, Vision

Paid-Time Off

Excellent Compensation

The marketing Liason will be responsible for building referral source relationships in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and senior-service related organization within the community. To build and grow census and quality mix by developing the market, working with acute care and other referral sources and providing prospective residents and/or responsible parties with appropriate information and assistance to choosing the nursing center


• Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, health care or related business field preferred.

• Minimum of 2 years direct sales experience targeted to physicians, hospital personnel and case managers preferred.

• Proven success in personally developing referrals for a medical product from health care target markets (physicians, hospitals and case managers).

• Evidence of a local referral network from which to develop referrals.

• Experience with local community groups preferred


• Expand community base and develop referral relationships with but not limited to: senior-service organizations, case managers/discharge planners from hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes, adult day care centers, geriatric physicians, assisted living, retirement communities, etc.

• Understand local industry trends to represent and differentiate the company and its services in the market.

• Takes an active role in developing the marketing plan and budget with VP of Business Development by assessing community needs, outlining marketing strategy/objectives, identifying major competitors and identifying specific marketing action items with measurable goals.

• Develop relationships with a growing base of referral sources, leading to a consistent flow of quality referrals to the center. Majority of time (95%) allocated to external sales development.

• Effectively utilizes CMR Company tool to maintain accurate and up to date information on the CRM tools.

• Maintains a thorough knowledge of the center’s products, services, capabilities and physician relations.

• Takes active role in business meetings. Meets weekly with Administrator/department heads to discuss marketing opportunities, concerns and solutions. Meets regularly with nursing to discuss clinical service levels.

• Evaluates center physical environment through weekly rounds and discusses with Administrator. .

• Maintains awareness of admitting and attending physician’s opinions and challenges.

• Maintains an active involvement in the community organizations and associations.

• Evaluated on: Total Revenue is at/above budget, Quality Mix (Private, Medicare, Insurance) at/above budget, Total occupancy at/above budget, Medicare-Private conversions met objective, Sales calls met/exceeded goal.

• Maintains up-to-date customer profiles on existing referral sources.

• Conducts lead generating seminars which target potential quality inquiries. Schedules and leads effective presentations. Captures and follows up on seminar leads.

• Reviews discharges for possible re-admission and actively manages high potential prospects.

• Ensures admissions are qualified clinically and financially.

• Oversees the admission process and appropriate paperwork in partnership with Admissions Coordinator.

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3326 Burgoyne St, Dallas, TX 75233, USA
industry: Healthcare



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