Day Shift Weekend Program Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Elwood Care Center
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Hours are 6 am to 6 pm

Work 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday and get paid for an extra 12 hours as incentive!

Part Time or Full Time position

Shift Differential

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Job Functions

Responsible to perform the following according to the Elwood Care Center mission, facility standards, procedures and individualized care plans:

A. Resident Care:

  1. Treatments/ Modalities: assists with and performs duties as assigned, according to procedures
  2. Psychosocial care: accommodates resident’s needs through responding appropriately to resident’s verbal and/or non-verbal expression of needs
  3. Spiritual Care: assures resident’s spiritual needs are met by willing employees (self or others)

B. Resident Rights:

  1. Property: safeguards resident’s property
  2. Living areas: keeps resident’s living areas pleasant and orderly
  3. Dignity/ Privacy Confidentiality: maintains resident’s self-esteem, privacy and confidentiality of personal information
  4. Independence/Choice: provides residents with opportunities for independence and choice consistent with their care plans
  5. Advocacy: assures resident rights are protected and that all residents, families/ significant others are made aware of resident rights

C. Communication

  1. Monitor/Document: documents observations and services provided
  2. Resident status: receives and shares information with interdisciplinary team members
  3. Cooperation: works with team members and other staff members in a helpful, respectful, and courteous manner
  4. Socialization: assists residents in meeting their social needs through interaction with staff, family, and other residents
  5. Customer Service: responds appropriately to residents requests for help and maintains positive relationships with residents family and friends, must also display tact and courtesy in dealing with the residents and their families

D. Safety: maintains safe work practices and follows facility safety procedures

E. Infection Control: follows facility infection control procedures

F. Other Basic Responsibilities:

  1. Attendance: arrives on time for work and is ready to perform assigned task
  2. Personal Hygiene meets facility hygiene and appearance standards
  3. Time Management: prioritizes and completes work assignments within reasonable and agreed upon time frames
  4. Conduct/policies/Procedures: follows facility conduct standards and policies and procedures performing all work, alcohol and drug free.
  5. In-service Training/Meetings: meets requirements for in-service training and meeting attendance per facility policy and State and Federal requirements.
  6. Improvement: actively participates and works to identify and improve quality and work outcomes individually and as part of a team
  7. Technology skills: seeks to learn and utilize appropriate equipment and trends in technology
  8. Professional Certification/Licensure/Standards: must complete the 76 hour Nursing Assistant course, must take a written test and obtain a score of 80% or better.

G. Other: Must have a genuine interest in geriatric nursing and a compassion for the aging and the sincere desire to work with the elderly and a willingness to work with the realization that errors may have serious consequences for the residents. Patience and tact in dealing with the residents and their families is a very important factor. Must demonstrate self-control and emotional stability in a variety of demanding situations. The Certified Nursing Assistant must be interested in helping people and have a sincere desire to constantly improve nursing knowledge and skills

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Minimum Hiring Requirements:

Following are the minimum requirements to be hired into this job;

  1. Knowledge: Must be 16 years of age or older. Must be able to read, write, and follow intructions.
  2. Prior experience: prior work in a geriatric setting preferred, but we will train.
  3. Basic Abilities: ability to meet the physical and mental abilities of the job and must demonstrate manual dexterity to operate equipment used (such as a Hoyer lift, electronic scale, etc.)
  4. Special Abilities/Training: Completion of the 76 hour Nursing Assistant course, must take a written test and obtain a score of 80% or better.

Additional Information:

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be assigned to another shift for a temporary period of time and may be called for duty in the event of illness, emergency or disaster. The medication aide is potentially subject to injury from improper use of body mechanics or improper use of equipment. You are also subject to infections resulting from improper application of infection control techniques. You may also be exposed to blood borne pathogens.

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