Maintenance Assistsant 8a-5p
Skyline Nursing Center
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Assist in the maintenance of the facility to ensure a sanitary, attractive, and orderly condition; in good repair, free from hazards such as those caused by electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating and cooling systems. Reports to Plant Supervisor or Operations Manager and ensures state compliance.


• High School diploma.

• Knowledge of laundry/housekeeping/maintenance procedures.

• Minimum of 2 years work experience in long-term care preferred but not required.


• Performs regular, scheduled safety inspections. Performs weekly walk-through inspections of high-risk areas.

• Follows all prescribed Life Safety and Preventative Maintenance tasks in TELS as required for federal, state, local, and corporate compliance. Fax/ email documentation as required.

• Prepares a monthly schedule, based on calendar days, for performance of preventive maintenance, striving to allot part of each day to these duties.

• Develops center profile and physical plant history by maintaining complete documentation of all maintenance activities including accurate records of all replacement parts and materials used.

• Maintains required logs/documentation on following in accordance with the Life Safety Manual and OSHA

• compliance including, but not limited to: fire alarm test reports, smoke/heat detectors, sprinkler inspections, emergency generator logs, range hood suppression systems, fire extinguishers, hood and duct cleaning, door locking devices, water temperatures, water hardness, fire and smoke wall dampers, fire and smoke doors, fire drills, disaster drills, door alarm drills, flame spread certification, boiler vessel certification, elevator certification, facility service contracts, medical waste manifests, confined space documentation, survey documentation, material safety data sheets, lock out/tag out program.

• Performs daily rounds through entire center and uses acquired information to assist in establishing work priority.

• Picks up work order requests daily and establishes work priority; work orders are submitted and tracked electronically through the TELS system.

• Maintains electrical and mechanical equipment in good working order; Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments, lubricates and cleans parts.

• Lubricates chairs, and benches; Reports serious failures and problems to Administrator.

• Investigates causes of wall/door/frame damage.

• Checks light bulbs and exit lights, room temperatures, circuit breakers, temperature in all cooler and freezers, and nurse call system and makes all necessary adjustments and repairs.

• Ensures that an adequate supply of maintenance supplies is maintained to perform daily tasks.

• Prepares resident rooms for new or discharged residents.

• Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or assigned at any time with or without notice.

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3326 Burgoyne St, Dallas, TX 75233, USA
industry: Healthcare



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