Human Resource Coordinator
Apple Rehab Saybrook
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1 year


Up to $28 / hour

Apple Rehab is a family owned and operated company that treats residents and staff like family too. Our expert team of senior management is located at our home office, right in Avon, CT, ensuring superior care from a local company. Our leadership is not across the country, but rather in your backyard.

Job Description:

HR/Payroll Coordinator

The HR & Payroll Coordinator coordinates efforts with facility management to manage hiring and recruiting.

  • Interviews and screens qualified candidates. Recommends qualified candidates for Manager’s review. Arranges interview schedules with other staff members as appropriate.
  • Conducts all pre-employment processes including reference checks, background checks, pre-employment physical and drug screen.
  • With Administrator approval, makes job offer.
  • Sets up orientation program for new hires and coordinates with appropriate personnel.
  • Ensures benefits and company policies are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Follows up to ensure employee receives appropriate orientation and schedules additional training if needed.
  • The HR & Payroll Coordinator assists Supervisor in planning and holding staff appreciation events and functions.
  • Works with Supervisor to evaluate new hire’s performance prior to 90th work day as well as yearly employee evaluations.
  • Plans, organizes, develops and implements all payroll functions in accordance with current company policies as well as federal, state and local regulations and procedures, in an accurate, neat and organized manner.


  • Completion of secondary education showing the ability to read, perform mathematical calculations, write in a legible manner and follow oral and written directions in English.
  • Possess computer skills and ability to work with accounts payable and payroll systems.
  • Attention to detail, good follow through skills and ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Patience, tact and a positive attitude toward employees, residents, family members, state and federal agencies and other staff.

Apple Rehab offers an attractive benefit package for employees of 30 hours or greater that may include the following:

  • Scholarships and career growth opportunities
  • 4 Weeks Paid Time Off
  • 7 Paid Holidays
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Call-a-Doc / 24-7 MD telephone service
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K Retirement Program
  • Longevity Credit
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Boston Post Rd Pl, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, USA
industry: Healthcare



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