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Physical Therapist (PT)

At LINK Home Therapy we’re looking to hire a passionate Physical Therapist interested in working with older adults in the home setting. Mentoring/training, simple documentation, great communication, & technology all contribute to a working experience that you’ll look forward to when the alarm clock rings.

  • Awesome + positive culture
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Attractive $ rates
  • Growth potential

Does this list sound familiar? Is it aligned with your wish list or career goals?

If you think this might be your dream gig, don’t hesitate to click apply or call: 718-650-6230

For more info, please visit us at:

What are we looking for in a Physical Therapist (PT)?

  • Empathetic personality
  • Creative clinical mindset

Responsibilities Include:The Physical Therapist is responsible for the assessment of referred patients that require rehabilitation services which includes: providing direct patient care to assess their medical condition, functional capabilities, limitations and restrictions and potential for rehabilitation. Also, the Physical Therapist will establish and administer a treatment program with specific goals determined according to the patient's capacity and tolerance under the direction of the Physician. The Physical Therapist will set realistic and achievable goals for their patients, document and record the patient's condition and educate patients and families with regards to the plan of care.


  • Graduated from an accredited Physical Therapy college or university
  • Valid professional license and registration for state of NY
  • Experience with long-term care and/or geriatric care is preferred but not limited to
  • Well versed with EMR documentation (we utilize Rehab Optima)
  • Evaluations, weekly progress notes, recertification and discharge documentations
  • Collaborates with all disciplines to provide best patient centered treatment and care
  • Exceptional patient service skills and ability to demonstrate clinical excellence
  • Adhere to scheduled hours and demonstrate professionalism at all times
  • Perform all other duties assigned by Director of Rehabilitation Compliance with confidentiality & HIPAA
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Maspeth, Queens, NY, USA
industry: Healthcare



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