PACE Center Manager


 Job Summary:

The PACE Your LIFE Center Manager is responsible for the administration and coordination of services of the program.  He/she is responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of all activities in the PACE Center.  The Center Manager oversees transportation, personal care, recreation, therapy, clinic, and all other PACE Center services.  He/she ensures facility and participant safety at the PACE Center. 

The Center Manager reports to the Program Director.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

         1.         Coordinates the Interdisciplinary Team’s care management process to ensure the best care decisions for each participant’s changing condition.

a.       Provides leadership and facilitates the Interdisciplinary Care Team meetings for development and implementation of care plans.

b.      Ensures that documentation of team meetings is maintained and changes are recorded in individual care plans.

c.       Ensures that notification is sent to appropriate agencies and regulatory bodies when care plans are changed.

d.      Ensures that all team members understand the importance of their roles on the team and remain open to the cooperative dynamic of the team.

e.       Participates in the continued development of the team to improve the team’s decision-making process.

f.        Works within the quality management program to evaluate and improve performance.

g.      Provides on-call coverage to troubleshoot, advise, teach, coordinate and deliver care and service to participants. 

         2.         Manages the service delivery of the PACE Center.

a.       Ensures the effective operations of activities, nutrition, personal care, clinical services, rehabilitation, transportation and other services of the Center within the standards and regulations of the program.

b.      Develops and recommends the annual budget for Center operations and monitors budgets by service and per member month.

c.       Ensures that participants are oriented to the program and have opportunities to express their opinions about the care and services they receive.

d.      Ensures compliance with policies and procedures in conjunction with program administration.  Makes recommendations for policy and procedure changes based on operational issues.

e.       Prepares and submits statistical and other reports required by management, funding or contracting agencies.

f.        Ensures the adequacy of equipment and supplies.

         3.         Ensures service coordination of home care, transportation and meals.

a.       Oversees coordination of direct and contracted services for meals, transportation and home care.

b.      Oversees the staff that provides the care management of participants related to these services.

c.       Ensures the inclusion of opinions and, when appropriate, that of representative staff from contract services in the care planning process.

d.      Ensures the provision of quality service within expected standards and financial targets.

         4.         Directs and oversees the staff and volunteers of Center departments.

a.       Hires, trains, evaluates and disciplines managers and staff in the Center.

b.      Ensures that staffing is maintained at the appropriate levels to provide safe and effective care.  Recommends staffing levels in planning and budget development.

c.       Coordinates orientation and in-service programs in conjunction with administration for staff to meet regulatory requirements and support performance improvement.

d.      Meets regularly with direct reports to review goals, trends and performance measures and facilitates change as needed.

e.       Recommends establishments of lead and supervisory positions, as appropriate, and facilitates staffing transitions.

         5.         Manages the PACE Center to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

a.       Ensures the appropriate maintenance of equipment and furnishings in the Center.

b.      Ensures that appropriate equipment and supplies are available, including recommendations for capital equipment, and authorization and oversight of purchasing for small equipment and supplies.

c.       Ensures that infection control, fire safety and related safety procedures are followed.

d.      Manages the contracts for waste management and housekeeping.

e.       Ensures durable medical equipment is maintained in safe, usable condition.

         6.         Coordinates with contract services to ensure understanding of the PACE model and cooperation with the care management process.

a.       Ensures the coordination with contracted services according to participant care plans.

b.      Assists in the development of agreements and contracts with provider agencies to ensure comprehensive service availability.


          1.         Education:

a.       College degree in a field such as rehabilitative therapy, nursing, social work, recreational therapy or related field is required.

         2.         Credentials/Licensure Required:

a.       Driver’s License

         3.         Experience:

a.       Knowledge of healthcare delivery systems, regulations, quality improvement and medical and non-medical needs of the elderly is desired.

b.      Supervisory and administrative experience is required.

c.       Two years experience and interest in working with the elderly is required.

d.      Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint is strongly preferred. 

         4.         Special Training:

a.       Understanding of the PACE model delivery of care

b.      Subscribes to Preventive Model of Care for the Elderly

         5.         Age of Patients Rendered Care:

a.       Adult and geriatric patients

***Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

***Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals in a healthcare-related setting are ineligible for employment in this position.


Knowledge and Skills:

         1.         Proven clinical and administrative leadership.

         2.         Ability to understand the PACE medical management process.

         3.         Ability to conduct analysis of data and outcomes and to develop systems and processes.

         4.         Understanding of detailed State and Federal regulations that govern the PACE Program

        5.         Basic understanding of automation and information technology management systems.

         6.         Ability to coordinate and collaborate with others in a team environment.

         7.         Ability to act as an advocate for the frail elderly.

         8.         Ability to provide and encourage excellent customer service to participants.

         9.         Ability to perform at a high level of autonomy for clinical and management decisions.

       10.       Ability to provide oversight to multiple departments and to manage a wide variety of staff.



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