Occupational Therapist Registered/Licensed OTR/L Bakersfield
DV Therapy - Bakersfield
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$40.00 - $50.00 perHour


1 year




We are hiring for the following positions at DV Therapy

  • full time in-clinic Occupational Therapist* OTR/L

  • full time in-clinic COTA*

*positions may include telehealth services

Unique work and schedule opportunities:

  • Private-practice with school-calendar schedule available.
    • 10 months on with 2 months off, with payments spread out over 12 months
  • Opportunities for increase rates given evening availability of 3pm to 7pm.
  • STEPS program and opportunities for advancement.

Must have experience with pediatric population in sensory integration, processing, modulation. Experience with adults in neuromuscular/orthopedic settings preferred but not required. Feeding/swallowing experience and/or certification preferred but not required.

Company / Team Culture:

DV Therapy Inc provides speech and language therapy and occupational therapy services in our clinic, schools, skilled nursing facilities, and home. Based in Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Kern County, and Antelope Valley, DV Therapy strives to serve the needs of the community. With a focus on individuals with developmental disabilities, our therapists utilize the latest in evidence based practice to provide stellar assessment and therapeutic services. DV Therapy’s growing team of OTR/Ls and COTA/Ls in all locations work together to provide comprehensive support for parents and clients through self-care practices, sensory processing, modulation, and integration approaches, and functional/purposeful activities to help the clients reach their goals.  Primarily a pediatric client, there is the opportunity to work with the adult population with orthopedic and neuromuscular concerns, as well as school-based clients (OTR/Ls only). Occasionally, telehealth sessions will be utilized as well.


  • Previous experience in occupational therapy working with pediatric population, particularly with children diagnosed with autism, developmental delay, etc.

  • Ability to build therapeutic rapport with clients

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Positive and patient demeanor, particularly with adaptation and modification during treatment and/or evaluation sessions

  • Current NBCOT and California COTA/L or OTR/L license

Responsibilities may include the following:

  • supervision of COTAs
    Conduct screenings and assessments/evaluations

  • Clinic-based (and school-related, OTR/L only) settings

  • Plan and complete ongoing treatments

  • Prepare progress reports within 6 month intervals and annual evaluations (school-based is usually every quarter or trimester)

  • Complete and maintain client records

  • Educate family members and other working professionals on plan of care

  • Engage in OT department expansion (including but not limited to OT programs, activities, events, in-services, training sessions)


  • Highest pay with bonus opportunities

  • No travel time - clinic based

  • Limited paperwork

  • Weekly supervision

  • Flexible hours

  • Career advancement opportunities

  • Great working environment

  • Professional growth and development opportunities

  • Reimbursement for CEUs & materials related to occupational therapy

  • Paid days off

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision provided

  • Opportunity to work with a varied caseload

  • Opportunity to work in variety of professional settings (clinic, schools, nursing facilities, and homes)

  • Opportunity for relocation bonus

  • Key Words: Occupational Therapy, OTR/L, occupational therapist, COTA, certificated occupational therapy assistant








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1601 New Stine Rd #195 Bakersfield, CA 93309 USA
industry: Healthcare



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