Transportation Coordinator


Job Summary:

The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for providing and overseeing the safe transportation of participants in a timely, competent manner, and communicating important information relevant to the overall care plan to the Interdisciplinary Team.  In conjunction with the IDT, he/she determines needs related to transportation and communicates participant needs to drivers.  The Transportation Coordinator establishes transportation schedules as part of implementing the established plan of care.  He/she reports to the Center Manager.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

          1.         Functions as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).

         2.         Plans daily transportation routes within the PACE Your LIFE service area to maximize the efficient use of program vehicles.

         3.         Keeps vehicle maintenance records current.  Oversees the routine maintenance of program vehicles and arranges for needed maintenance or repairs with the goal of maintaining a full complement of working vehicles to limit disruption in transportation services.

         4.         Responsible for the van and passengers during transport, providing care in a manner that ensures participant satisfaction and retention.

         5.         Operates equipment safely and in compliance with vehicle licensing regulations.

         6.         Escorts participants to and from home, the Center, and appointments safely, courteously, and in a caring manner; reports any participant or caregiver requests for changes in drop-off or pick-up locations.

         7.         Provides physical assistance to participants when needed for boarding and disembarking of program vehicles.  Ensures participants are secured during van operation.

         8.         Ensures that emergency medical information is available for those participants being transported.  Maintains the first aid kit in the vehicle, replacing supplies as they are used or become outdated.

         9.         Follows established schedules and makes adjustments to meet unanticipated changes; determines the safest and most efficient pick-up and delivery routes while considering the needs of participants and requirements of clinic and therapies; maintains narrative of the route.

       10.       Safely carries out one-person transfers of participants to and from vehicles, and inside vehicles.

       11.       Inspects vehicles and maintains them in a clean and safe condition.

       12.       Maintains standard records, (e.g., logs of passengers and miles driven, service records, gasoline purchases), in conjunction with Transportation Care Assistants (TCAs).

       13.       Promptly reports to the Center Manager any participant-related concerns noted in the home or on the van, or any operating problems, malfunctions or incidents out of the ordinary routine.

       14.       Delivers medications and other supplies to participants.  Ensures TCAs maintain compliance with medication delivery policies.

       15.       Works in a safe manner, following safety guidelines and standards.  Attends safety in-services.  Offers guidance or assistance to staff working in an unsafe manner.

       16.       Reports accidents and incidents to the Center Manager immediately.

       17.       Follows proper infection control procedures and maintains a supply of emergency clean-up kits.

       18.       Maintains a safe and calm environment for participants.

       19.       Keeps confidentiality of participant records, reports, and discussions.

       20.       Participates in formulation and maintenance of transportation-related policies and procedures.

       21.       Participates in PACE Your LIFE committees as requested by the Center Manager or Program Director.

       22.       Conducts hiring and staff supervision for all TCAs

       23.       Provides training and orientation to TCAs and other staff, as needed.

       24.       Performs other duties and responsibilities, as assigned.

 All employees of PACE Your LIFE are required to comply with PACE regulatory requirements established by State and Federal governments.  This includes:

          1.         Understanding his/her role in the emergency preparedness plan.

         2.         Adhering to the agency’s infection control plan and promoting the Participant Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

         3.         Understanding the basic procedures for receiving and documenting grievances in order to initiate the appropriate process for participant concerns.

         4.         Operating in a manner consistent with the values of PACE Your LIFE.




         1.         Education:

a.       High School diploma or equivalent required


         2.         Credentials/Licensure Required:

a.       Delaware driver’s license with good driving record


         3.         Experience:

a.       Experience working with a frail or elderly population is strongly preferred

b.      Experience with medical transportation preferred

c.       One-year supervisory experience required

d.      Experience with developing transportation schedules strongly preferred

e.       Automotive repair experience strongly preferred

f.        Proficiency with Outlook, Word, and Excel strongly preferred


         4.         Required Skills:

a.       Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language and be understood

b.      Must be able to handle information in a confidential manner at all times

c.       Must be able to deal professionally and diplomatically with people, both in person and on the telephone

d.      Must have good interpersonal skills.

e.       Must be able to perform wheelchair and ambulatory transfers between the home and van, and the Center and van


       5.         Age of Patients Rendered Care:

a.       Adult and geriatric patients

 *** Freedom from illegal use of drugs, and freedom from use and effects of use of drugs    and alcohol in the workplace.

 *** Persons who have been found guilty by a court of law of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals in a healthcare-related setting are ineligible for employment in this position.

 Knowledge and Skills:

          1.         Ability to clearly communicate orally and in writing.

         2.         Interest in working with medically frail elders.

         3.         Current Delaware driver’s license.

         4.         Driving record free from major infractions, including but not limited to, DUI, negligent, reckless, or excessive minor infractions and convictions.

         5.         Demonstrated ability to safely operate a wheelchair-accessible van or vehicle.

         6.         Successful completion of defensive driving and passenger-assistance training courses within three months of hire.

         7.         Current CPR and First Aid training or completed within three months of hire.



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