Traveling Director of Nursing
Apple Rehab Corporate
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Rate up to $140k/ year

Get Paid Weekly

Benefit from nursing management support and continuing education

Job Description

Apple Rehab is a family owned and operated company that treats residents and staff like family too. Our expert team of senior management is located at our home office, right in Avon, CT, ensuring superior care from a local company. Our leadership is not across the country, but rather in your backyard

**Job Description:

  • Must be willing to take assignments at all Apple Rehab buildings 
  • Must have reliable vehicle and the ability to travel to all Apple Rehab buildings for assignments sometimes last minute

The RN Director of Nursing Services plans, develops, organizes, implements, evaluates and directs the Nursing Services Department, its programs and activities within approved budget and quality standards in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. Ensures that all written nursing policies, procedures, and manuals are adhered to, maintained and updated. Responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance program. Participates in surveys and inspections by government agencies and implements actions to correct deficiencies. 

The RN Director of Nursing Services coordinates nursing services with all other resident services and other facility staff. Fosters and maintains inter-departmental communication and cooperation to ensure that issues are addressed and corrected. Ensures proper resident discharge procedures and plans. Prepares reports and recommendations to the Administrator concerning department operations. Meets with medical staff on a regular basis. In the absence of Administrator assumes overall responsibility for the entire facility.

For the entire Nursing Services Department, the RN Director of Nursing Services develops the organizational structures, staffing and directions within policy and budgetary guidelines. Responsible for the department personnel function in hiring qualified staff; ensuring adequate staffing levels and ensuring that all nursing staff receive performance evaluations on an annual basis and as-needed. The RN Director of Nurses is responsible for coordinating nursing staff discipline as needed Provides direction, guidance and counsel.

The RN Director of Nursing Services reviews personnel complaints and grievances and ensures that all staff are treated fairly and consistently with policies and applicable laws. Responsible for directing internal investigations and overseeing incident reporting.


  • Must hold a current state RN license and be a Registered Nurse in good standing in Conneticut 
  • Must meet all applicable federal and state licensure requirements including at least one year rehabilitative or geriatric nursing and one year of nursing service administration.
  • Attention to detail, good follow through skills and ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Demonstrates leadership and supervisory skills preferably in a long-term care facility.
  • Must be innovative and able to find creative ways to serve the variety of employee and residents needs and maintain the customer focus.
  • Demonstrates cooperation in assisting others and the ability to work as a team.
  • Must be knowledgeable of general, rehabilitative and restorative nursing and medical practices, procedures, laws, regulations and guidelines governing long-term care.





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Old Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, USA
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