High School Math Teacher
Missouri Torah Institute
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$1000 signing bonus!

Job Type: Part-time, 2:00-6:30 pm, M-Th

Salary: $30,000

401k with employer match available after 1 year of service.

Looking for a great high school math teacher for the coming school year!

This afternoon/early evening position would afford a candidate the opportunity to work with high school students in small classes. The attractive candidate will demonstrate a love for and command of the high school math curriculum, successful experience teaching at the high school level, and a passion for education because of the opportunity it affords for working with and helping students.

Our school is a unique and close-knit faith-based environment with small class sizes, great collegial atmosphere among staff members, and a supportive administration.

Job Description - Teacher:

  • Preparation of lessons, teaching these lessons, and assessment of students’ progress, based on and aligned with the MTI curriculum document.
  • Supervision of students in teacher’s classroom, including enforcement of school rules and maintenance of a safe learning environment, as well as supervision of students out of the classroom when directed by school administration. Discipline and classrooms policies shall be in line with the MTI Approach.
  • Maintenance of accurate and up-to-date official school gradebooks and attendance records.
  • Maintenance of classroom and learning spaces in a fashion which will promote learning (e.g. cleanliness, etc.)
  • Providing written lesson plans, unit plans, and/or summaries of material covered and work assigned, as per request of school administrators.
  • Formal and informal communication with school administration and parents regarding individual students’ progress when appropriate.
  • Participation in faculty meetings, professional development activities, parent-teacher conferences, and other activities that are part of the educational program of the school.
  • Other specific duties and responsibilities, as directed by school administrators, to ensure effective on-boarding and orientation, and continuous and ongoing professional success as an educator.
  • Teachers play vitals roles in school that go beyond classroom teaching. Teacher may be called upon to assist in other areas, such as teaching a weekly elective class, sponsoring extra-curricular activities, clubs or study halls, helping with student and school projects, tutoring students out of class, and participating in school events.
  • Teachers may be required to teach from out of school (distance learning) or may need to teach in school with one or more students who are learning from home. This teaching can include live (synchronous) learning and correspondence (asynchronous) learning. This requires proficiency with distance learning tools, including (but not limited to) video conferencing and electronic learning management (LMS).

Teachers must agree to undergo a background check.

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1809 Clarkson Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017, USA
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