Case Manager
Southwest Key Programs

Job Summary:

The Case Manager is responsible for the submission of service plans and other assessments required for the compiling of a comprehensive case file found on Southwest Key Programs (SWK) designated web-based program with supporting documentation maintained in physical files. The Case Manager is required to maintain a flexible, organized and efficient work schedule and is subject to work extended hours, weekends, and be on-call.

Essential Functions:

·        Conduct initial intake interviews of youth to include gathering familial, possible sponsorship information and to establish age of the youth.

·        Conduct interviews of family members, friends of family and/or sponsors to determine the integrity of the relationship and verify information received from minor within 24-48 hours upon admission to the shelter.

·        Determine options available for youth within 48-72 hours and proceed with the required documentation to reunify youth with family in home country or in the United States as deemed applicable.

·        Coordinate with local pro bono attorneys for the timely provision of “Know Your Rights” presentations to youth and ensure youth signs the acknowledgment and receives a copy of the Legal Service Provider list and Notice to Juvenile Aliens in Federal Facilities Funded by DHS or HHS.

·        Ensure the timely completion of (assessments) Initial Intake, Emergency Placement, and Preliminary Service Plans in accordance with SWK, State, and Federal requirements. Additional assessments may be required depending on the location of the program and state licensing requirements. Forms are subject to change at any time.

·        Ensure the timely submission of the initial Individual Service Plan due within 21 days of the youth’s arrival to the shelter and 30 day updates thereafter in accordance with SWK, State and Federal requirements.

·        Document all actions taken and contacts with youth, sponsor, and stakeholders in the form of progress notes (efforts) as required by SWK, State and Federal contracts. 

·        Complete and submit reunification packets for initial review to Lead Case Manager or Designee. (if applicable)

·        Submit completed reunification packet with appropriate referral made by Case Manager for the timely release of youth to designated ORR representative. 

·        Provide weekly face to face updates to youth and telephonic updates to family members/sponsor with documentation found in ETO.

·        Ensure the provision of two weekly telephonic contacts with family of origin, primary caregiver and/or sponsor.

·        Facilitate incoming calls to minors with the appropriate family members and other approved caregivers.

·        Facilitate attorney to client contact as requested by youth.

·        Coordinate weekly treatment team meetings with representatives from all departments at the shelter.

·        Attend case staffing with funding source representative.

·        Maintain physical and web-based client files.

Drive clients to facilitate program services, may include transportation to court appointments, attorney visits, other appointments as per contractual requirements as needed. May also include transporting youth within the United States if reunified.

Other Functions:


·        Attend all organizational required trainings.

·        Attend all departmental and program meetings to ensure that up-to-date information is received and/or information of policy changes or practice are adhered to.

·        Attend training that will enhance professional growth in the area of case manager and documentation or other topics as deemed appropriate by the program director.

·        Must assist in the evacuation of youth as needed due to inclement weather conditions, natural disasters, or other unforeseen occurrences.


·        Travel as needed for trainings, conferences or to transport youth to destinations located within the U.S.

·        Maintain a safe, clean and hazard-free work area.

·        Ensure the proper supervision of youth at all times.

·        Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.

·        Must be able to obtain a physical examination by a licensed medical practitioner before beginning assigned duties and at least every two (2) years while working.

Qualifications and Requirements:


·        Bachelor’s degree required in Social Work, Psychology, Human Services, Counseling or other social service field.

·        At least one (1) year of experience preferred working with adolescents or in the youth services field. (volunteer and internship experienced included)

·        Must be computer literate with working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Excel)

·        Required to work a flexible schedule to facilitate program services.

·        Cleared Tuberculosis test results.

·        Cleared background check from appropriate entity.

·        Bilingual. (English/Spanish)

·        Cleared drug test results (this one is for Texas programs only).

·        Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of hire.

Valid Driver’s License

Physical Demands:

Must be able to obtain Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certification and First Aid Certification (CPR). Must be able to supervise clients indoors and outdoors as necessary. Bending, stooping and lifting up to 15 lbs required to complete daily tasks. Job requires extended periods of sitting; use of various office equipment.

Work Environment:

This is a twenty four hour residential facility at which minors receive multiple services. Three shifts per twenty four hour period. Work shifts are subject to change. Noise levels vary from mild to moderate. Predominantly indoors, occasional outdoor monitoring or activities.




Phoenix, AZ, USA
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