Acrisure Arena Now Hiring 2-Day Event
Pritchard Sports and Entertainment Group
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October 3,

Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage Library- CA-111
October  7th 

10 am - 2 pm 
Coachella Library 
1500 6th St

Now fulfilling the following roles:

Site Manager

Office Assistant

Day Core Supervisor

Post Event Manager

The Site Manager will oversee all housekeeping personnel including managers, supervisors, leads, general staff, event and post staffing, and contract labor.

· Plans and coordinates a variety of facility cleanings for Acrisure Arena.

· Trains plan schedules and assign full- and part-time employees engaged in preparing for events.

· Liaison between Pritchard Sports and the Building Authority to oversee entire cleaning operations of the building, and equipment including the development and monitoring of third-party vendor sub-contractors.

· Ensures an effective, cost-efficient operation by preparing to administer, and maintaining the event budget.

· Establishes, reviews, and maintains a system of financial procedures, methods, accounts, and controls records.

· Develops and implements standard operating procedures for each area of responsibility, including an effective preventative maintenance program.

· Assures the highest quality service to the facility by establishing goals and supervising managers.

· Maintains logs, and records, and provides reports as required.

· Maintains the inventory of equipment and supplies and makes requisitions for proper levels of the same.

· Keeps cost records of work performed and makes cost estimates as requested.

· Establishes disseminates, and monitors work performance and safety standards and OSHA requirements.

· Organizes and executes training and safety programs.

· Attends internal meetings and represents the facility at external meetings as deemed necessary.

· Ensures all cleaning is coordinated, produced, and executed in a professional manner



HUMAN RESOURCES/OFFICE ASSISTANTBASIC FUNCTIONThe Human Resources/Office Assistant is responsible for managing all the human resources, personnel, and office administrative concerns for the cleaning services account.ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPThe Human Resources/Office Assistant reports to the Site Manager and receives work assignments and supervision from the same.SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBJECTIVES1. Recruit, interview, evaluate and hire employees for the contract.2. Complete all new hire forms and additional new employee paperwork and process as directed.3. Maintain all personnel files.4. Maintain all payroll records.5. Ensure all labor and materials are available to complete assigned tasks.6. Ensure all staffing levels are current.7. Work with Team Leaders and Managers to evaluate personnel and make appropriate adjustments with staffing as necessary.8. Assist with employee orientations and training.9. Maintain insurance and workers' compensation records.10. Maintain injury/accident reports.11. Manage all office administrative responsibilities including telephones, copying, filing, typing, and record-keeping.12. Maintain purchase order files.13. Complete other duties and services as directed.14. Administers employee benefit and incentive programs.


Day Core SupervisorBASIC FUNCTIONThe Day Core Supervisor is responsible for all administrative responsibilities for the Core Shift. To assure the cleanliness of the facility and ensure maximum service and quality standards are achieved.ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPDay Core Supervisor reports to the Site Manager and receives their work assignments from the same.SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBJECTIVES1. Organize, plan, schedule, and execute cleaning operations for assigned shifts.2. Control labor, material, and equipment costs.3. Communicate acceptable productivity, safety, and quality standards and enforce the same.4. Ensure all supplies, equipment, and labor are available to complete assigned tasks.5. Provide employee training and communicate company/client policies and procedures.6. Conduct walk-thru inspections of the facility throughout the length of the shift.7. Conduct in-service meetings with Team Leaders and employees.8. Respond to requests of the client.9. Report all accidents and injuries or incidents immediately.10. Responsible for human resources concerns during the day shift and is also in charge of assisting with hiring, interviewing, training, employee evaluations, disciplinary actions, and payroll concerns.11. Maintains records for assigned shift including sign-in/sign-out forms, equipment allocation, labor reports, time cards, inspection reports, teamwork schedules, and safety reports.12. Maintain equipment in good condition.13. Report maintenance and safety concerns immediately.
14. Completes all other duties and service requests as assigned by the Site Manager.
POST-EVENT MANAGERJOB DUTIES:The Post Event Manager is responsible for all administrative responsibilities for the Post Event Shift. To assure cleanliness after each event and ensure Pritchard Sports quality standards are achieved.ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPPost Event Manager reports to and is directed by the Site Manager.RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBJECTIVES1. Reports to work for every Event/Game.2. Keeps communication consistent.3. Communicates via voice call any schedule matters.4. Reports prior to staff to organize, plan, schedule and execute cleaning operations for the Post Event Shift and Core Shift when need it per event calendar.5. Inspects the building before the post-event staff clocks in, and deploys staff. Ensure all supplies; equipment and labor are available to complete assigned tasks.6. Checks-in Post Event staff. Completes Post Event deployment sheets and reports. Assigns staff to assure proper coverage of facility.7. Prioritize the needs of the activities of the Post Event Shift and the needs of the Center.8. Communicates shift tasks to Post Supervisors.9. Assigns radios and keys. Completes sign-in/out sheets.10. Conducts walkthrough inspections of the facility throughout the length of the shift to assure that the work is being completed properly. Will assist with the completion of work assignments as needed.





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75702 Varner Rd, Thousand Palms, CA 92276, USA
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