Associate Veterinarian- Part or Full Time
Fulton County Veterinary Clinic
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$100000.00 - $150000.00 perYear


Are you looking for an oasis in the chaos? Do you want to be valued for your individuality and ingenuity?

Then come join our amazing team, where we empower our team members to reach their full potential via mentorship and fostering an environment of idea-sharing. We value each team members individuality and unique gifts and promote an environment to further develop these skills. We focus on work life balance so our team can function at peak performance and provide the best client and patient care. We strive to foster a fun, fast-paced work environment while providing quality patient care. We utilize our support staff efficiently, so the doctor is available to spend more time practicing medicine and less time doing paperwork. Some of the tools we use to save lives include IDEXX Procyte and Catalyst chemistry analyzer, Sedivue urine analyzer, digital x-ray machine, ultrasound, dental x-ray, cold laser therapy, and CO2 surgical laser. 

We are seeking a part-time or full-time veterinarian to join our small animal and exotics practice. No emergency on-call, after-hours, or weekend work will ever be required. We offer flexible scheduling, competitive salary, signing bonus, and benefits include medical insurance, 401K, paid continuing education, paid vacation, student loan reimbursement, and a mental health sabbatical.

We value individuality and diversity, so uniqueness such as tattoos and interesting hair styles are always welcome. We enjoy having fun while saving lives and laughter is an integral part of our practice culture.  We like to crank the music and rock out while taking care of our patients. If you want to kick some ass, save some lives, and have fun doing it, then Fulton County Veterinary Clinic is the place for you.

Rochester is built on the shores of beautiful Lake Manitou, where outdoor activities are plentiful. The area includes Plymouth, prestigious Culver Academy, and Lake Maxinkuckee, the second largest natural lake in Indiana. Rochester is also located 30 minutes from Warsaw, the orthopedic capital of the nation, and 45 minutes from Notre Dame University.

Please send resumes to or contact Samantha Coston at [email protected] or Dr. Zach Coston at [email protected] 




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1634 N Old US Hwy 31, Rochester, IN 46975, USA
industry: Healthcare



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