Maintenance Tech/Paratransit Driver
Milford Wellness Village
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$16.00 - $19.00 perHour


3 years




Join our team in a hybrid role as the Maintenance Tech/Paratransit Driver.  This position enables you to work full time, while making a priority for the safety and comfort of our patients and residents. Be an asset,  as you assist by providing them with well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding maintenance of the campus buildings, vehicle and grounds is essential. In this highly visible role, you will report directly to the Maintenance Director.

Maintenance Tech responsiblities:

Saturday and Sunday - 8 hour shift each day

  • Painting and patching walls 
  • Replace light bulbs and fixtures 
  • Minor electrical and plumbing repairs
  • Tour grounds to inspect and document 
  • Fix and inspect equipment 
  • Check and complete tasks that are placed in maintenance care on a daily basis 

Paratransit Driver responsibilities:

      1.         Responsible for van and passengers during transport, providing care in a manner that ensures participant safety, satisfaction and retention.

         2.         Operates equipment safely and in compliance with vehicle licensing regulations.

         3.         Escorts residents to and from the facility and appointments safely, courteously, and in a caring manner.

         4.         Follows established routes and schedules and makes adjustments to meet unanticipated changes, determining the safest and most efficient routes while considering the needs of residents and the requirements of Nursing home and therapies.  

         5.         Provides physical assistance to residents when needed for boarding and disembarking of facility vehicles.  Ensures that residents are secured during van operation.

         6.         Safely carries out one-person transfers of residents to and from vehicles and inside vehicles.

         7.         Inspects vehicles and maintains them in a clean and safe condition; notifies the Maintenance Director of maintenance or repair needs; at the end of the day, ensures that the vehicle has enough fuel for the next morning.

         8.         Maintains the vehicle in a neat and clean condition.

         9.         Maintains standard records, (e.g., logs of passengers and miles driven, service records, gasoline purchases), in conjunction with the management team.

       10.       Promptly reports to the Nursing home Administrator or other appropriate staff regarding participant-related concerns noted on the van.

        11.       Works in a safe manner, following safety guidelines and standards.  Attends safety in-services.  Offers guidance or assistance to staff working in an unsafe manner.

       12.       Reports accidents and incidents to the Maintenance Director immediately.

       13.       Follows proper infection control procedures and maintains a supply of emergency clean-up kits.

       14.       Maintains a safe and calm environment for residents.



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21 W Clarke Ave, Milford, DE 19963, USA
industry: Healthcare



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