Medication Technician / Med Tech
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Med Techs are a vital role in healthcare! You know the impact you make on the lives of your patients every day.

Let us help connect you to the right Medication Technician job where you will thrive. Working with a community or hospital that will appreciate you and lift you up.

Why Now?

  • Now more than ever, you deserve to be a place where you will be appreciated.
  • You can review potential several opportunities to fit your needs. Full time, part time, flex
  • You deserve competitive pay and powerful benefits. Many benefits could include tuition reimbursement or other educational assistance, child care, generous referral bonuses.


  • High School diploma/GED
  • In states where appropriate must maintain certifications
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Customer Service focus and the ability to demonstrate good judgment, problem-solving and decision-making skills


How does it work?

We use a unique process to match you with the right job where we predict you will thrive. You could be asked to take a brief questionnaire that matches you to employers and jobs where our technology predicts you will stay and thrive.

Leesburg, VA, USA
industry: Healthcare